Lead Me

This week has been full of confirmation. The Holy Spirit loves to confirm when we are on the right path, and encourage us to keep going.

Ever since beginning the study on the Fruits of the Spirit, I have felt Jesus dropping breadcrumbs for me…everyday, He is showing me where to go next. I will be honest…it takes some surrender and stillness on my part to be still & listen. I have to quiet my soul. But He never fails to speak. His method of getting my attention changes. He loves to keep it interesting.

For those of you studying with me, I hope that you’re finding the breadcrumbs. We may be on different paths, some rockier than others. But they are there. Don’t rush ahead, because you may miss them. Don’t get discouraged if you’re having a hard time seeing them. Pause…look harder. Use your flashlight, the Word of God. It’s the only Light strong enough to find them. And don’t give up

Speaking of pausing, let’s pause to worship the One leading us…


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