Habitual Presence

Have you ever thought of all the things within our days that we repeat each week? Our daily routines are usually pretty predictable. Common ones are showering & brushing our teeth. We check Facebook  & Twitter daily, sometimes hourly. We log our calories & exercise. Our stomachs won’t let us forget them, so meals are usually on schedule. At the end of the day, we are taking care of our families, handling dinner, and cleaning our home. Before you know it, our head is hitting the pillow…and the madness begins again in 8 hours (if you’re lucky).

The thought that came to mind today was this:

Do we make spending time with God a priority like we do everything else?

Is it at the top of my list? Or is it considered something that I fit in if I have extra time?

Do I crave Him like a I crave a meal from my favorite restaurant?

Do I listen to Him as much as I listen to my favorite song?

Do I talk to Him as much as I talk to my best friend?

God doesn’t guilt trip us into spending time with Him. Though He draws us to Him, it’s with loving kindness instead of commanded attendance. One trait I love about God is that He will never force Himself on someone. He pursues us constantly, but patiently waits for us to respond to His call. Song of Solomon is a comparison of His love for us…His beloved. Imagine that…He refers to you as His beloved one. How precious you are to Him.

Just as we spend time with our loved ones, God longs for us to spend time with Him. He yearns for us to trust Him with the longings of hearts, the worries of our day, the secrets no one knows. He wants it all. He doesn’t want us to rush through our prayer time and miss out on His presence. He wants to pour out, to lavish His love and peace on us. You can never walk away unchanged after having an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Even though you may not feel different, your spirit has connected with the Almighty God. His magnificence has rested on you, and has filled the crevices that were void. The strength you were lacking is refreshed and He prepares you to face the day.

Some don’t know what to do in their quiet times. When we first begin, we feel awkward, like we are on a first date. We don’t know what to say, we struggle to make conversation, and shyness is our friend. There is no need to feel awkward with Him. He doesn’t require anything of us except our attention. If we devote 15-30 minutes daily to sit with Him, He will show up. It may not be in the way we expect, but I guarantee He will.

Here is a way to begin to meet with Jesus (tailor to your needs):

  • Choose what time of day: Some prefer morning to start the day off on the right foot. Others can barely function, so the evening may be better when you can be more focused.
  • Begin with worship: Sing to Him. He adores even the most tone-deaf song of His babies. This also breaks down our flesh and softens our hearts towards Him.
  • Talk to Him: Prayer is conversation. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Ask His opinion on the happenings in your life.
  •  Be still: Sit and dwell in His presence. Listen for thoughts that come up that may be His voice. It may be scripture, it may be a phrase, someone’s name. Pay attention to what rises up in your mind.
  • Read scripture: The Word of God is Him speaking to us. If something you read doesn’t make sense, ask Him to shed light on it, and bring it to life for you.

If you miss your date with Him, don’t beat yourself up. He will be waiting for you. Just don’t make Him wait too long.


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