Made for More

There is so much more to life than the everyday, mundane routine. We were not created to simply breathe in, breathe out & die. We were created with greatness in mind. God’s intention was for us live abundantly EACH day. Not to just survive on spiritual highs and ride those until the next wave. Our destiny lies in savoring each second, knowing that the Spirit of God Himself dwells within us. Not some imaginary, far away god that has forgotten us. No, He is much closer than that. He is attentive to each detail of our lives. All moments are orchestrated by Him. He is not limited to our sunrises and sunsets…He is even at work within us even when we are asleep! Our spirit never sleeps, and during the night, He sings & ministers to our spirits…to strengthen us, and to fill us up with His love. He doesn’t want His beloved to face a day unprepared. Equipping us with His promises & truth, we are ready for whatever battle comes our way.

Jesus is the only one who gets you…noone else can ever truly understand adore you like He can.


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