Awaken Me

It started with a nudge from God one early morning. During our daily carpool to work, my husband was driving, and I was enjoying a catnap. Eyes half closed, a familiar song made me open them. The first thing my eyes landed on was a sticker on the car next to us, that read “NOTW“. This stands for “Not of This World” (John 17:16). It’s one of my favorite Christian companies. The specific sticker is the exact same one I have, and they are rare. That is how He got my attention.

You see, I was playing tug of war with God. For the past few years, I must confess that I have been spiritually asleep. Once passionate about pursuing Him, laziness set in. No longer did worship songs stir my spirit. Church was a memory. My language & demeanor had become sarcastic & callous. The fruits I used to bear had disappeared.

The day before I saw the sticker, I had heard about a worship concert my church was having…and for the first time in a while, I wanted to go. He was calling to me. But then the tug of war started. Satan started coming at me fullforce, giving me excuses as to why I shouldn’t go.

It didn’t work.

That was the beginning of a my new walk with God. Ever since that night, He has been moving nonstop in my heart. Once again, I am craving Jesus….spirit sensitive to His presence, eyes searching for His face, ears waiting for His voice.

Wake up, sleeper, 
   rise from the dead, 
   and Christ will shine on you.”  – Ephesians 5:14

He has awakened my soul, called my name, and made contact. This time I won’t let go.





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